Duck of Justice

The Duck of Justice for 9/7/17: DOJ gets protection, dons duck-worthy safety gear

One of the safety vests crafted for the Duck of Justice.
The Bangor Police Department

The DOJ dons one of his new vests.
The Bangor Police Department

From The Bangor Police Department

The iconic and much beloved Bangor Police Department Duck of Justice needs the same kind of protection that our fine Bangor Police officers are afforded with their issued safety gear, ballistic protection and high visibility outerwear for traffic direction and control duties.

The real world problem that we ran into was that there are not that many options for a duck.

Sure, Donald had his little blue jacket and hat and Daffy seems to be completely nude. This is not appropriate for a high profile law enforcement duck.

Recently our street officers were given a choice of wearing their ballistic armor in outer vests. Test mules (cops) were outfitted with Blauer ArmorSkin ballistic carriers and a newly designed Blauer base shirt which not only keeps them cooler and more comfortable, but it also allows more free and fluid movement in the performance of their duties. Now, we are not all-“kung fu fighting” up in here, but this job requires some flexibility.

The test mules (cops) came forward with their recommendations to the Chief of Police and he supported their decision. Since we have been wearing Blauer uniforms for years, it was an easy decision to allow the system change. What made it easy was the color and material was a perfect match for the uniforms we are wearing every single day.

That’s the backstory, what happened next will amaze you (I always wanted to say that in a post). The folks in the Blauer Technical Design Department felt bad that the DOJ would not be served by the newest protection. Since our friends at Blauer are followers of the Duck (FODs) a plan was hatched (see what I did there) to surprise us with some raiment for our friend.

We have to give a shout out to Cris from Technical Design. She, on her own time and under the cover of darkness at her POSM (personally owned sewing machine), carefully crafted not one, but two vests for the Duck of Justice. One for ballistic protection while he guards the Bangor Police Department Museum and one for street level traffic and direction and control.

The OSHA approved safety vest is an exact replica of what our Bangor officers use on a daily basis. Knowing what you should about the anatomy of a duck, there are no arm-holes, which has made the DOJ of limited use for traffic direction and control. The fact of the matter is he cannot direct traffic with “clear intent” so the vest will probably remain clean, pristine, and without the mandatory grease spots and coffee stains that subliminally give a traffic cop some street cred.

When the box arrived, I knew immediately that the folks down in Boston cared. They created a custom label for for the shipment of his new garments reading, “PROTECTIVE WATERFOWL GARMENTS ENCLOSED”. I keep the box in my office because it makes me smile.

No one had any idea what great things a duck, taken from us too soon as the result of a hunting accident and retrieved from a gray trash barrel , can do to improve the image of law enforcement. He has since gone through rehab at an undisclosed location near the coast of Maine, travelled across the country visiting national monuments with Officer David Farrar, and brings a smile to people’s faces when they become confused about his purpose. Who knew?

I think, in some small way, the duck represents all of us. He is imperfect, made some serious mistakes, and came back stronger to go on and do positive things. We all can do that if we put our mind to it.

He will be well served by his new outfits, as he continues to serve well.

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and be kind to one another.

We will be here. We have a duck.



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