The Weekly Question

Weekly Question for 7/27: Which Harry Potter house do you belong to and why?

Reported by Kassadi Moore

“I feel like I could do great things with Slytherin, it doesn’t mean everyone has to be bad.”
Tahmoor Khan – Bangor

“Gryffindor, I think of integrity, honesty and all that.
Craig Hadley – Brewer

“I think I’d probably be Ravenclaw, even though it’s a foolhardy’s club.”
Frank McGrady – Brewer

“I think Slytherin because from the knowledge of Slytherin is they’re not inherently evil, they’re supremely motivated and driven to achieve their goal.”
Kalvin Gearhart – Bangor

“Slytherin because it’s much more interesting.”
Rob Gould – Portland

“I’d say Slytherin, because I always appreciate villains in the story, and I think a good story is often defined by how good their villain is, and typically the villains of Harry Potter come from Slytherin.”
Alex Fenderson – Bangor

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