The Duck of Justice for 7/13/17: Tips for your post-holiday vacation plans

From The Bangor Police Department

  1. Lines for ice cream should be getting shorter. Go before noon. No one said lunch is needed to have all the food groups. If someone did, they were secretly very unhappy.
  2. If you have run out of things to do, go into an old hardware store with wooden floors. Just rummage around and you will find something you need. Creaking oak floors in old Maine hardware stores need to be experienced. Ask for advice on a project, or where the screws are. You will come out with a story for your friends back at the cube-farm.
  3. Stop in to the Bangor Police Department and visit the Duck of Justice. The iconic representative of our agency and our Facebook page was lovingly restored and has been back about a week.

He is in the world famous Bangor Police Department museum and all you need to do is stop and ask Melody-certified as being the QOTFD (Queen of the front desk)- for an electronic pass to get you inside for a photo with the duck. No personal information is gathered, but you can sign our guest book. I will have more on the restoration of the duck in the coming days. But, he is there for photos and no vacation is complete without a photo with “The Duck.”

Are any of these options exciting? Not really. But you didn’t come to Maine for excitement. I explained this to my good friends at the Maine Office of Tourism www.visitmaine.com. I think they agreed, but I know that shaking your head up and down to indicate agreement does not always guarantee a full sign on to a theory. I get that a lot.

Aki in the roll call room. This photo was given to Officer Cotton in his bid for new art in his office.

There is nothing better than a picture of K9 Aki at the podium in the roll call room

Well, maybe the “Dogs Playing Poker” series by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge.

When I opened the bid process for new art for my office, all I got was an empty clay plant pot from a guy named Stefanik who moved to Exeter from somewhere in Eastern Europe and a reproduction Farrah Fawcett poster from Spencer Gift.

Oh, and this picture of Aki at the podium in the roll call room. It is suitable for framing.

I should note that Aki has been finding illegal drugs and people who have made the decision to run from the police. He deserves his time at the podium.

He has requested a teleprompter.

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and be kind to one another.

Have a great Thursday.

We will be here.

PS: I don’t know what happened to the trim piece missing from the podium, I suspect if you yelled “fetch” we might get it back.



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