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The Duck of Justice for 7/6/17: Avoid ‘pay now’ scams

Officer Keith Larby, the Duck of Justice and SSG Travis Mills at The Travis Mills Foundation Veterans Retreat grand opening on June 25th. The Retreat will welcome 56 veteran families to Maine this summer at no cost.
The Bangor Police Department

From The Bangor Police Department

In a similar fashion to how the pop up posts on my Facebook “People You Might Know” list are littered with lovely ladies named, Антонина, Anastasiya, Darya, and Dominika ; the people who phone you with promises of “pay now and receive millions in return later” are not real.

While I am a big fan of herring wrapped in cabbage-served with a side of Okroshka-while spending time in my personal Dacha, I hate to see people ripped off by inconsiderate, lying scam artists…and of course ladies of the Baltic region who seriously want to “friend me” on Facebook.

We harp on this daily, but there always seems to be one more person who falls for the “Your grandson is in a Mexican prison and needs $5000.00 to get out so he can rush home to his loving family” tricks.

Our hearts sink when we get these types of reports because we know that the money is gone forever and we will not be able to put anyone in jail for it.

If you feel you are being ripped off, call a trusted family member, check to see if your grandchildren have actually ever been to Mexico (before checking on that, make sure you actually have grandchildren), take a deep breath and certainly call us anytime to ask about strange phone calls.

NO ONE needs your social security number, bank account numbers or tax information over the phone. The best way to respond is to hang up.

The Internal Revenue Service is NOT en route to your house to place you under arrest.

I couldn’t even get through to them this spring when I was trying to get answers on the tax benefits to owning a Dacha.

Keep senior and other at-risk members of your family informed and aware that tricksters will be continuously attempting to get their money through ridiculous schemes.

If YOU have been approached for money or personal information, make sure YOU tell another family member before sending or wiring anything to anyone.

Now, where did I put my bowl of Borscht?




The Duck of Justice was invited to the grand opening of The Travis Mills Foundation Veterans Retreat this past weekend.

Naturally, the duck can’t drive (or fly) given his current condition.

These photos should be “proof of life” that the DOJ is going to be back in the building very soon.

Since Travis is too cheap to provide a newspaper showing the date, it was June 25th 2017.

Officer Keith Larby worked his midnight shift (hopefully showered) and immediately hit the road with the DOJ in order get to Rome, Maine in time to meet his hero. Actually, everybody’s hero-SSG. Travis Mills.

I have been advised the event was a huge success and veterans from all over the United States will be enjoying this fantastic retreat in the coming years.

Larby was awestruck by Travis, his guests and especially retired Navy Seal-Lt. Commander Leif Babin, co-author of the book “Extreme Ownership”.

It was a great day and we appreciate Mills and his family for including Larby and the Duck in the event.

When in Rome…go see SSG Travis Mills.

If you were looking for a hero, you can stop now.

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and be kind to one another.

We will be here.

TC (narrating for Officer Keith Larby… and the duck).

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