Duck of Justice

The Duck of Justice for 6/1/17: Scene from a coffee drive-through

From The Bangor Police Department:

Kym D. holding the foo-foo drinks.
CREDIT: Courtesy of The Bangor Police Department and Kym D.

I appreciate honesty in both word and deed.


I think people should say exactly what they think as long as it is a message delivered with a side of kindness, or at least without malice.


I know that I am not the only person that believes that many people seem to be looking for a reason to be offended, to look for an opportunity to write a scathing post on social media, and to gain accolades from others as we feed our own anger.


It is a phenomenon which many find distasteful, but we all hold some responsibility for letting it permeate our daily lives.


Today, Kym D. did not offend me at all when she made an observation that elicited much laughter from all three occupants of an unmarked police car that I happened to be riding in.


You see, the Deputy Police Chief, Sergeant of Detectives and TC decided to use our Dunkin Donuts reward points by trying one of their new frozen coffee concoctions.


The drinks had received high praise from both the DC and the good sergeant and they cajoled me into stepping outside my BCCZ (black coffee comfort zone) to try the drink.


It would be free because of the plethora of points we had all gained by treating coffee as a food group over the last few weeks.


After putting the lovely Dunkin host through the standard, “three separate orders because we all have the app on our phone” routine, she advised us to pull forward to make the pick-up.


She smiled as we pulled up to her window and she took our phones one-by-one in order to scan the barcodes separately.


She must have noticed the cartoonishly huge stars on the Deputy Chief’s shirt collar and then looked over at my barely noticeable chevrons before excitedly uttering the following statement, “I’m sorry, but I was expecting to see a carload of high school girls and not a bunch of cops when I heard that order over the speaker!”


Kym D. could not hold back her infectious giggling as she began to pass the first foo-foo drink into our car.


We were laughing in unison as she had pointed out exactly what we were thinking as we made our order. She apologized several times because she thought she had met three very serious minded individuals. She did not.


She went on to explain that it is very typical that a group of high school ladies will all show up in a car after borrowing a couple of bucks from their parents and order the exact same thing that we did. We laughed harder and she seemed less embarrassed by just telling us the truth.


We told her we were not the least bit offended by her observation because she told us exactly what she was thinking and we were all enjoying the moment of levity.


I then asked Kym D if she had ever considered being featured on the Bangor Police Department Facebook page and she said, “I love that page and would like very much to be in a post.” So, I snapped a photo of Kym D. holding the remaining two foo-foo drinks.


Just a nice young lady saying exactly what was on her mind. What could be wrong with that?


We should all try to be more like Kym D. Dunkin Donuts has a great employee on Union Street in Bangor, Maine.


Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and be kind to one another.


Next time we order foo-foo coffee, we are sending the intern.


Enjoy your Thursday.



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