Duck of Justice

The Duck of Justice for 5/25/17: National Police Week: A feast of thanks

K9 Aki enjoys a treat for National Police Week at the station in Bangor.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Bangor Police Department.

From The Bangor Police Department:

In this picture, K9 Aki enjoys a small taste of Buffalo Mac and Cheese from our friends at Hero’s Sports Grill.

Now, before I get the “macaroni and cheese is poisonous to all animals” speech: I know this is not true because my first dog and I spent months eating just macaroni and cheese when I bought my first home. Jackson “Lab” and I stayed remarkably healthy on mac and cheese and ramen noodles. That dog lived to a ripe old age, but he did have horrific gas.

We want to thank all the local businesses that have over-fed the cops in Bangor this week. Chipotle, The Coffee Pot, Chik-Fil-A, Tim Hortons, Frank’s Bake Shop, Lori Libby, and Hero’s. Such kindness during National Police Week!

We would also like to thank Deana for her blueberry cake and Officer Bowie’s wife for the terrific multi-layered cake that she allegedly damaged by mistake so it could not be sold. Oh yes, Officer Blanchard’s wife, Sandi! She directs this every year and does a heck of a job creating cops who are slower, but much happier.

If I missed thanking anyone, I apologize. Blame the food coma.

The photo allows you to see the business end of Aki when mac and cheese is on the line.

Special thanks to Kabryn (an extremely professional and diligent communications specialist) for her Aki photos. And for knowing how far to choke up on the fork so that she can use her hands to man the computer and radio equipment for the foreseeable future.

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and be kind to one another.

We will be here.


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