Duck of Justice

The Duck of Justice for 4/27/17: Coffee with Lieutenant Bob


Third floor coffee is rumored to be a better blend of Arabica beans, Maine spring water, and wisdom. It’s not, but that’s what we told Officer Tyler Rusby on his first trip to the daily-2 pm coffee time with Lieutenant Bob.

Each day at about 2 pm, barring any emergency situations (last week the good lieutenant had some plunging to do in the third floor latrine), he makes a pot of coffee and yells out, “I made coffee!” When this happens people usually shut their doors and ignore it. But not on this day, this day was different.

I know that you are still thinking about the mention of plunging but you are going to have to get past that. Lieutenant Bob is a servant and a really good hand washer.

Officer Rusby had come to the third floor to do the things a boy from Aroostook County likes to do. He was talking to me about tractors. I told him it was 2 pm coffee time. He appeared excited and made the following statement-“I have never had coffee on the third floor.”

That was about to change.

Rusby went to the kitchen area and was met with smiles from Lieutenant Bob.

Rusby told us the story about the time he threw gasoline into the outdoor wood furnace at the potato farm. That was the day his Grammy found out about his failure to successfully complete the necessary steps to get his “campfire badge” at scouts.

Grammy came along and became a victim of circumstance when the smoldering wood finally realized that the young lad had added petroleum products to the dying embers.

It’s a good story and Grammy was fine. Officer Rusby did tell us that he was forced to dig into his potato picking money in order to pay the local hair stylist to fix Grammy’s hair so that the focus would no longer be on her bangs. Mostly because Grammy no longer had any bangs.

Tyler added that Grammy had to use an eyebrow pencil for a short time as well.

He loved his short visit to the third floor and we loved hearing his stories.

The second photo was taken when Tyler asked if we could have a sing along to “Songs about Me” by Trace Adkins. He was sent off the third floor immediately. Lieutenant Bob likes classic rock.

A simple story about a young officer having a cup of high end coffee with Lieutenant Bob.

Never add flammable liquids to embers or open flames. Only you can prevent unscheduled hair appointments.

Keep your hands to yourself, leave other people’s things alone, and be kind to one another.

We will be here.

P.S.-it’s the same coffee they have on the first and second floors. Don’t tell Officer Rusby.


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