Pets take over Critters column: Helping others

The members of Bell household asks you to consider 'giving back' to others this season. Credit: Courtesy of Kristina O'Brien Photography

The members of Bell household asks you to consider ‘giving back’ to others this season.
Credit: Courtesy of Kristina O’Brien Photography

Our mom said that this year we could write the Thanksgiving edition of her column. We’re wagging and mewing in excitement.

Mom says that it’s important to give back to the community. We don’t really know what a community is, but we think it’s where we walk from time to time.

And if that’s what it is, then we think it’s pretty cool!

Mom told us that every year she raises money for the Furry Friends Food Bank at a place called Eastern Area Agency on Aging. Did you know that there are other cats and dogs that don’t get enough to eat?! That’s what she told us. It’s so terrible! No pet (or person) should go hungry.

She said that the food bank helps older people make sure that their pets are fed.

We think that’s great! Food’s great, especially when it comes in biscuit or yummy treat form.

We love treats.

Treats, treats, treats.


Mom told us that the food bank really needs donations of money and cat food. We think that money is what people use to buy food for us. So that means money is good. And we think that you should give money to the Furry Friends Food Bank too. Pets like us think it’s the right thing to do.

Mom said there’s another way to give back too. We watched her pull towels out of the bathroom the other day and put them in a bag. She was telling us about the Bangor Humane Society and the Animal Orphanage, which are places where homeless pets hang out until they find forever homes.

We remember what it was like to live in a shelter before we came to live with mom and dad. Olivia remembers what it was like to live on the street until she found the Wieck family and mom and dad. We remember how nice the people at the shelter were and how scary and overwhelming (and loud) it was. We’re glad that there are places that take care of pets like us.

She told us that the towels are just some of the things that can be donated to the humane society. She said they’re also looking for food, cleaning supplies, soft items like towels, blankets and even pillows. While we love all these items too, we’re OK with sharing.

Mom said there’s this thing called the “Internet” that you can go to for information. We think it’s the thing that is attached to the clicking machines she and dad use. We’ve asked her to put in the information about our favorite shelter’s needs here:

– Bangor Humane Society wish list:

-Animal Orphanage wish list:

-Maine Greyhound Placement Service wish list:

Mom sometimes wonders if we listen to her. We do. And we forgive her when she comes home smelling like other dogs and cats.

As long as she has treats and takes us for a ride occasionally.

May your Thanksgiving be full of treats, good food and snuggles with your favorite humans. And consider doing this “give back” thing.  

Pets like us appreciate it.

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